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    Can Your Weight Play a Role in Conception?

    Think your weight only affects your chances of having a baby if you are obese? Not true. WebMD guest expert Hyacinth Nicole Browne, MD, says being underweight can also have an impact on your fertility.

    Many people know that having extra body fat can make it hard to get pregnant. It can also make it hard to stay pregnant, says Browne. That's why it's important to get to a healthy weight.

    Being underweight can also make it difficult to have a baby. Browne says 12% of women who are underweight are also infertile.

    One WebMD Community member says she's underweight and has had a hard time gaining weight. She just started medication in hopes that she will start ovulating -- and then have a baby!

    Has weight -- either too much or too little -- affected your ability to get pregnant? What are you doing to get to a healthy weight?

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