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  1. Preterm Labor - Treatment Overview

    An overview of treatment for preterm labor (premature labor).

  2. Birth Defects Testing - Types of Tests

    Two types of tests are done during pregnancy to look for birth defects-screening and diagnostic. Screening tests see whether your baby is likely to have birth defects; if a screening test is positive-meaning a problem may be present-a diagnostic test is done to confirm or rule out the problem. A negative screening test means it is unlikely that the baby has a birth defect. However, it does not ...

  3. Pregnancy: Chemicals, Cosmetics, and Radiation - Topic Overview

    Chemical exposure Take care to protect your developing fetus from dangerous substances during your pregnancy: Fumes from pesticides,household cleaners,and paint can be harmful to a developing fetus,especially in the first trimester. While you are pregnant,use chemical-free cleaning alternatives. If you must use chemical cleaners,wear gloves,ventilate the area,and avoid inhaling fumes. ...

  4. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) - What to Expect

    Information, preparation, and teamwork are needed for a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).Childbirth and VBAC educationTo prepare for labor, consider taking a childbirth education class at your local hospital or clinic. You and your birthing partner can learn: What to expect during VBAC labor and delivery.How to manage the birth using controlled breathing and emotional and physical ..

  5. Placenta Previa - Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked QuestionsLearning about placenta previa:What is placenta previa?What is a low-lying placenta?What should I know about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?Being diagnosed:How is a fetal ultrasound done?How is fetal heart monitoring done?How is amniocentesis done?Getting treatment:How can steroid medicines help my baby?How can I work well with the NICU staff?

  6. VBAC: Participation During Birth - Topic Overview

    You and your birth partner can participate more fully in a vaginal birth than you can in a cesarean delivery. During a cesarean delivery,the mother receives either a regional anesthetic or a general anesthetic and cannot fully participate in her baby's birth. Some mothers feel very strongly about being able to bond with the baby immediately after birth. Unless there is some complication,a ...

  7. VBAC: Labor Induction - Topic Overview

    When labor does not start on its own and delivery needs to happen soon,contractions can be started (induced) with medicine. Some doctors avoid inducing labor when a woman is trying vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). But others are okay with the careful use of certain medicines to start labor or strengthen contractions. For a woman who has a cesarean scar on her uterus,there is a chance the ...

  8. Cancer During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    On rare occasions,cancer coincides with pregnancy. Because the medicines and radiation used for treating cancer can be dangerous to a fetus,a pregnant woman and her doctors must weigh a number of factors when planning her care,including: The fetus's gestational age. The type and location of the cancer. How advanced the cancer is. How rapidly the cancer is developing. Whether she has other ...

  9. Pregnancy: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Topic Overview

    Tingling,numbness,and pain in the hands are common during pregnancy,especially in the last trimester. These problems are usually caused by carpal tunnel syndrome,and they usually go away after pregnancy. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a specific group of symptoms that can include tingling,numbness,weakness,or pain in the fingers,thumb,hand,and occasionally in the arm. These symptoms occur ...

  10. Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Antiphospholipid syndrome is a rare autoimmune disease that has been closely linked to some cases of recurrent miscarriage. Antiphospholipid syndrome increases blood clotting and can cause dangerous blood clots (thrombosis) and circulatory problems. For some women,the only sign of this condition is an early miscarriage,a later pregnancy loss related to a poorly functioning placenta,or ...

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