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    1. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Surgery

      Learn about cervical cerclage, a surgical treatment of preterm labor (premature labor).

    2. Labor and Delivery - What Happens

      If preterm labor occurs close to your due date (in the 35th or 36th week of pregnancy), you may be allowed to deliver without delay.

    3. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

      Chemical exposure Take care to protect your developing fetus from dangerous substances during your pregnancy: Fumes from pesticides,household cleaners,and paint can be harmful to a developing fetus,especially in the first trimester. While you are pregnant,use chemical-free cleaning alternatives. If you must use chemical cleaners,wear gloves,ventilate the area,and avoid inhaling fumes. ...

    4. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Health Tools

      Use these miscarriage health tools to help make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health.

    5. Labor and Delivery - Prevention

      Even if you have a healthy pregnancy, you may go into preterm labor. It is difficult to prevent preterm labor because it is usually not anticipated, and it is often due to causes that are not completely understood.

    6. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      Expectant management,or observation,is sometimes used to manage complications of a high-risk pregnancy. Depending on the severity of your preeclampsia,you may need expectant management at home or in the hospital. Expectant management at home requires reduced activity and careful checking and daily recording of: Fetal activity. Blood pressure reading. Urine protein measurement. Weight. ...

    7. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      What is breech position?During most of pregnancy, there is enough room in the uterus for the baby (fetus) to change position. By 36 weeks of pregnancy, most babies turn into a head-down position. This is the normal and safest fetal position for birth.But in about 4 out of 100 births, the baby doesn't naturally turn head-down. Instead, the baby is in a breech position.1 Babies in breech position usually must be delivered by C-section.There are three main breech positions:Frank breech. The buttocks are in place to come out first during delivery. The legs are straight up in front of the body, with the feet near the head. This is the most common type of breech position.Complete breech. The buttocks are down near the birth canal. The knees are bent, and the feet are near the buttocks.Footling breech. One leg or both legs are stretched out below the buttocks. The leg or legs are in place to come out first during delivery.What causes breech position?Most of the time, there is no

    8. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Types of Tests

      Two types of tests are done during pregnancy to look for birth defects-screening and diagnostic. Screening tests see whether your baby is likely to have birth defects; if a screening test is positive-meaning a problem may be present-a diagnostic test is done to confirm or rule out the problem. A negative screening test means it is unlikely that the baby has a birth defect. However, it does not ...

    9. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Frequently Asked Questions

      Learning about molar pregnancy: What is a molar pregnancy? Getting treatment: How is vacuum aspiration used to treat molar pregnancy? How is a hysterectomy used to treat molar pregnancy? What kind of birth control is right for me? Ongoing concerns: What is my risk for cancer after a molar pregnancy? What can help prevent cancer after a molar pregnancy? ...

    10. Gestational Diabetes - Topic Overview

      Most women develop back pain at some point during pregnancy. As the size and weight of your growing belly place more strain on your back,you may notice your posture changing. To protect your back from poor posture,unnecessary strain,and painful injury,follow these guidelines: Avoid standing with your belly forward and your shoulders back. Do the opposite. When standing,rest one foot on a ...

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