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6 Smart Diet Moves After Pregnancy

Starting to think about losing the baby weight? Changing some of the food habits you picked up when you were pregnant could be the key.

There's no rush and no pressure to get back to your old size in a certain amount of time. When you're ready, use these six nuggets of advice to kick-start a plan that can put you on the path to healthy weight loss.

1. Stop Eating for Two

Even if you didn’t take this old saying seriously, you may have gone a little overboard on the calories while you were pregnant. Well, now is the time to cut back, unless you are breastfeeding.

For most new moms, 1,800 to 2,400 daily calories is about right, depending on your activity level. Breastfeeding moms need to add an extra 450 to 500 calories per day.

You don't have to count every morsel of food you eat (who has the time anyway?) But you do need to stay within a reasonable calorie range each day if you want to lose weight.

Download a calorie-counting app that does the calculating for you. But if daily tracking sounds too taxing, focus on finding a handful of foods and snacks that you plan to eat most often.

Make sure your go-to dishes are easy to prepare, tasty, low-calorie meals.

2. Control Cravings

During pregnancy, hormones were behind your sudden desire to eat barbecue potato chips by the handful or dip your pickles into heaping bowls of mint chip ice cream. Now that you've delivered, physical exhaustion and lack of sleep may leave you reaching for junk food.

Stay on top of your hunger so you can avoid the urge to splurge. Keep fruit slices or veggie sticks in the fridge or freezer so you have a quick and healthy snack option. Also, choose foods that keep you full for longer, like a handful of nuts.

Protein is one good option to fill you up. Pair it with a slow-burning carb for a long-lasting fuel source. Examples: grilled chicken wrapped in a whole wheat pita, or scrambled eggs and cheese on whole-grain toast.

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