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New Clues to Vitamin D-Insulin Sensitivity Link?

Higher Vitamin D at Birth May Protect Against Insulin Resistance Later

Vitamin D and Obesity Risk

The vitamin D-obesity link is ''still evolving," says Connie Diekman, RD, director of university nutrition for Washington University in St. Louis, who reviewed the findings for WebMD.

This is another bit of research, she says, "but not the last study."

Pregnant women are already told to watch their vitamin D," says Diekman, who is immediate past president of the American Dietetic Association and on the advisory panel for the National Dairy Council.

How much vitamin D is enough?

The recommendation from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which sets standards, is 200 international units (IU) a day for adults 18-50. "We think that's probably too low," Huh says. "Most people who work in vitamin D [research] think people should be taking at least 800 IU per day."

The recommendation on vitamin D is under study by the IOM, which expects to issue a report by November 2010.

In 2008, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued recommended intakes for vitamin D that surpass those of the IOM, advising a vitamin D supplement of 400 IU a day after birth for those babies partially or exclusively breastfed or those drinking less than 1,000 milliliters a day of vitamin D-fortified milk or formula.

This study was presented at a medical conference. The findings should be considered preliminary as they have not yet undergone the "peer review" process, in which outside experts scrutinize the data prior to publication in a medical journal.

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