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    Having a Baby? Price Tag for Delivery Varies Widely

    Survey of California hospitals finds cost for uncomplicated birth ranges from about $3,300 to $37,000


    To make matters even more confusing, the investigators found that hospitals wound up only receiving about one-third of what they charged, due to discount rates that the hospitals set up with private insurers.

    On average, the estimated discounted prices paid by insurers amounted to 37 percent of the original hospital bill. The authors calculated that hospitals billed $1.37 billion in "excess charges" that were never paid for these births.

    These discounts vary from insurer to insurer and hospital to hospital, and even vary within the same hospital, said Stuart Guterman, vice president for Medicare and cost control at The Commonwealth Fund.

    "The only people who get stuck with paying billed charges are people who don't have health insurance, because they don't have anyone negotiating down their rate," Guterman said. "It makes it very hard to understand what's going on, and it is a symptom of a health care market that's out of control because there's no transparency about what hospitals charge and what they get paid for each service."

    The study authors reviewed data from 2011 on nearly 110,000 cases in California involving women with private medical insurance, including about 77,000 for uncomplicated vaginal deliveries and about 33,000 for uncomplicated C-section births.

    The researchers focused on newborn delivery because it is the most common cause for hospitalization, and provides a window into hospitals' billing practices, Hsia explained.

    Hsia said that she fully expects that this variation in billing can be found in medical services provided by hospitals throughout the United States.

    Hsia and Guterman both agreed that hospital billing has a direct impact on all health consumers. These bills affect the co-payments and deductibles a person has to cover, and can drive an uninsured person to bankruptcy.

    "There are legitimate reasons for the cost of care to vary from one place to another, but not as much as they do," Guterman said. "We need to understand whether there's any relationship between that price and the quality of the care. We need to understand that relationship better to know we're paying the right price for a service."

    The study findings appear in the Jan. 16 online edition of BMJ Open.

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