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    Good Posture During Pregnancy

    What Is the Correct Way to Lift Objects During Pregnancy?

    • Ask for help when lifting heavy objects when you're pregnant.
    • Before you lift an object, make sure you have firm footing.
    • To pick up an object that is lower than the level of your waist, keep your back straight and bend at your knees and hips. Do not bend forward at the waist with your knees straight.
    • Stand with a wide stance close to the object you are trying to pick up and keep your feet firm on the ground. Tighten your stomach muscles and lift the object using your leg muscles. Straighten your knees in a steady motion. Don't jerk the object up to your body.
    • Stand completely upright without twisting.
    • If you are lifting an object from a table, slide it to the edge of the table so that you can hold it close to your body. Bend your knees so that you are close to the object. Use your legs to lift the object and come to a standing position.
    • Use caution when lifting heavy objects above waist level.
    • Hold packages close to your body with your arms bent. Keep your stomach muscles tight. Take small steps and go slowly.
    • To lower the object, place your feet as you did to lift, tighten stomach muscles, and bend your hips and knees.

    When reaching for objects overhead:

    • Get your body as close as possible to the object you need.
    • Make sure you have a good idea of how heavy the object is that you are going to lift.
    • Use two hands to lift.

    What Is the Best Position for Sleeping and Lying Down During Pregnancy?

    In general, pregnant women should try not to lie flat on their back or directly on their stomach. Lying on your back, especially in the third trimester, causes more work and stress on your heart: In this position, the baby's weight can put excessive pressure on the inferior vena cava, the large vein that carries blood from the feet and legs, pelvis, and abdomen back to the heart, reducing blood flow to the placenta. In addition, sleeping on your back can actually cause you to have a backache!

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