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    What Baby Gear Do You Need for Your Newborn?


    Crib Linens

    • 1 quilted mattress pad
    • At least 2 fitted crib sheets (smaller sizes are sold for cradles, bassinets, or port-a-cribs)
    • 2-4 waterproof mattress pads or waterproof sheets

    When making the crib, you have a few options. You may choose to use a waterproof mattress pad on the bottom and put the fitted crib sheet on top of that, or you may want to look into purchasing a waterproof pad/sheet (called sheet-savers) that goes on top of the fitted crib sheet. These can be found in most baby stores and make cleaning up accidents easier since all you have to do is change the top sheet of the crib. If you go this route, be sure to get one that snaps or ties on to the crib railings (you do not want the ones that you just place on top of the fitted sheet -- these can increase the risk of suffocation).

    If you choose to use the waterproof sheet savers you really only need 1 fitted crib sheet and 2 to 4 waterproof sheet savers. The fitted crib sheet should require few changes since the waterproof sheet savers on top will keep it dry. You do, however, want to get multiple waterproof sheet savers since you will need to change those regularly.

    Note: Babies should not have pillows or fluffy comforters in their crib. They also should not sleep with stuffed animals or toys. They could cause your baby to suffocate since he or she is not strong enough to roll over or push them away.

    Diaper Time: What You Need for the Changing Table

    • Diapers (plan on using 70-90 per week for the first six weeks, then 50 per week)
    • Disposable diaper wipes (alcohol-free)
    • Diaper rash ointment or cream (such as Desitin or A&D)
    • Petroleum jelly to apply on circumcision (so the baby's penis doesn't stick to the diaper)
    • Pad for baby to lie on during changing
    • Changing pad covers
    • Diaper pail to dispose of soiled diapers
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