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    Pregnant? Keep Sex on Your Agenda

    Take Time for Intimacy During Pregnancy

    If your health care provider has limited your sexual activity, or if you are not in the mood for intercourse, take time for intimacy with your partner. Love and affection can be expressed in many ways.

    Remind yourselves of the love that created your developing baby. Enjoy your time together -- take long romantic walks, enjoy candle-lit dinners, or give each other back rubs.

    How Soon Can I Have Sex After My Baby Is Born?

    You may resume sexual activity when you have recovered, when you are fully healed, and when you and your partner feel comfortable.

    Your health care provider will likely recommend that you wait until after your first postpartum health care appointment before having intercourse.

    After pregnancy, some women notice a lack of vaginal lubrication. A water-based lubricant can be used during intercourse to decrease the discomfort of vaginal dryness.

    Can I Get Pregnant Again If I Am Breastfeeding?

    Women who breastfeed experience a delay in ovulation -- the time when an egg is released from the ovary -- and menstruation. But, ovulation will occur before you start having menstrual periods again. So remember that you can still become pregnant during this time. Follow your health care provider's recommendations on the appropriate method of birth control to use.

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