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    1. Woof! Does Fido Belong in the Hospital Delivery Room?

      A woman in England had her therapy dog present when she delivered. Is that wise? Is it safe? Bioethicist Art Caplan talks about the pros and cons.

    2. Video: Safe Bug Sprays During Pregnancy

      Pregnant women are worried about mosquito bites since the Zika virus outbreak. They want to keep bugs away, but which spray repellents are safe to use?

    3. Video: Early Signs of Pregnancy

      Morning sickness is a given, but what other signs might suggest you’re pregnant?

    4. Video: What They Don’t Tell You About Childbirth

      Women share stories about what it’s truly like to give birth, from their water breaking to cutting the umbilical cord.

    5. Designer Babies: Gore and Topol on Fetal Genome Sequencing

      Medscape Editor-in-Chief Eric Topol, MD, recently spoke with former Vice President Al Gore about his book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. In this segment, Mr. Gore addresses the pros and cons of fetal genome sequencing and explains his concern that this technology could be used to create so-called designer babies.

    6. Should Mothers Choose Epidurals?

      Keith Eddleman, MD, talks about epidurals during labor and delivery.

    7. Concerns for Diabetes Patients During Pregnancy

      Keith Eddleman, MD, explains how diabetes can affect a pregnancy.

    8. How Your Thyroid Affects a Pregnancy

      Keith Eddleman, MD, describes the thyroid problems you might encounter while pregnant.

    9. How Much Alcohol Is Safe During Pregnancy?

      Keith Eddleman, MD, talks about whether it is safe to drink alcohol during pregnancy.

    10. Pregnancy: How Old Is Too Old?

      Keith Eddleman, MD, talks about when a woman may be too old to have a healthy baby.

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