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Slideshows Related to Back Pain

  1. Back Pain Myths Slideshow

    WebMD's back pain slideshow lets you in on the truth about the causes and treatments for back pain.

  2. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Siatica

    Get rid of that pain in your rear! This slideshow on sciatica explains the symptoms, causes, and treatments for this nagging lower back pain.

  3. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Low Back Pain

    Got low back pain? Find out why you're hurting and what you can do about it.

  4. Slideshow: Tackling Your Everyday Activities with Low Back Pain

    When you have low back pain, common activities like climbing stairs and driving might be harder. Learn the best moves from this WebMD slideshow.

  5. Slideshow: Good and Bad Exercises for Low Back Pain

    Exercise is good for low back pain -- but a few exercises may make back pain worse. See which exercises for back pain can help, and which to avoid.

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