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    Bring in a play expert.

    Have you forgotten how to play? Is your imagination not as vivid as it used to be? "Children are happy to take the lead on this!" Biali says. Let your child, grandchild, or other kid in your life teach you how to play a new game or go on an adventure. If you don't have any children around, grab a pet toy and play with a dog or cat.

    Join your coworkers.

    Carroll often speaks to companies and their workers about the need for play in the workplace. If your company offers chances to play -- such as a basketball court, a softball team, a walking group, or social outings -- take part.

    Spend some time playing with people from other departments, he says. This is a great way to learn more about your company. Also keep an eye on how your boss and familiar coworkers play. This might give you clues about how to work with them better.

    Keep play from turning into work.

    "One does have to be careful with play, as if we get too serious about it or start earning income from it, it can stop being so deliciously playful," says Biali.

    If your fun hobby turns into work, be sure to explore parts of it that still feel like play. Biali still finds her sense of play in dance while dancing at home or taking classes with her favorite teachers.