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  1. Fall in Love with Work

    By Anna Davies "Work" is never going to be synonymous with "play" — heck, that's why they pay you. Still, you can find inspiration and purpose even in a ho-hum job. Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, cofounders of Silpada Designs, a direct-sales jewelry company with thousands of representatives around t

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  2. Afternoon Energy Boosters

    Does this sound familiar? You're going full steam ahead in the morning, plowing through work assignments or household tasks. You take a quick break for lunch -- or maybe just grab something at your desk -- and plan on getting right back to your routine. Instead, at about 2 p.m. you find your attenti

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  3. Top Balance Stories of 2007: Readers' Choice

    Calm, rest, optimism, accomplishment, and a "secret" best seller. Those topics made the following list of the year's 10 most viewed stories about life balance on WebMD. Your Guide to Never Feeling Tired Again 7 Things You Can Stop Worrying About Right Now 13 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Life The S

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  4. How to Have a Green Christmas

    Instead of tidings of comfort and joy, Christmas often brings mostly stress and excess -- too much food, too much drink, too much spending, and too much waste. Environmentalists advocate an "eco-friendly" holiday season that will result in a "green Christmas" that will put less strain on Mother Eart

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  5. 7 Ways to Squelch Holiday Squabbles

    Do the holidays send you running for antacids, not because of too much food ... but because of too much family? This year, try replacing the Tums with a peacekeeping plan. According to Peggy Post, author of the 17th edition of Emily Post's Etiquette, would-be holiday peacekeepers should arm themselv

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  6. Hangover Helpers

    What hangover cures pop into your throbbing noggin after a night on the town? Some say burnt toast and a Mexican sausage called chorizo do the trick. But just in case the quick fixes you tried last time didn't fix anything, and you still plan to do more celebrating in the future, we've assembled som

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  7. Don't Let Shyness Spoil Your Holidays

    The holidays are looming, and many shy people are dreading the season's numerous social events. But you don't have to let shyness spoil your holidays. WebMD spoke with experts about what you can do now to prepare. Storyteller Garrison Keillor is admittedly shy and exhibits a fondness for shy people

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  8. 3 Easy Steps to Breaking Bad Habits

    We may be loath to admit it, but most of us have at least one bad habit. And while some bad habits -- such as smoking -- can pose serious health risks, others like nail biting, throat clearing, and knuckle cracking are really just plain irksome (for us and for the people that love us). Odds are you

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  9. Finding Holiday Joy Amid the Grief

    It's a disappointing truth: Holiday cheer can be difficult to come by if you're facing emotional pain caused by a loss. But experts urge us to muster our inner strength -- to find bits of holiday joy amid the grief. Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, a divorce, illness -- all these bring grief to o

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  10. 5-Minute Stress Fixes

    By Tara Rummell Berson Go from keyed-up to calm with these easy tactics. Whether you're anxious about the hectic holiday season, frustrated by an endless list of chores, or upset over an argument with a loved one, you don't have to let stress get the best of you. All you need is five minutes to esca

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