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  1. Tearooms Offer a Healthy Buzz

    Read the tea leaves, caffeine lovers. Tea is gaining ground over coffee. Tearooms are popping up everywhere. Even Starbucks is bucking up its tea menu.   The health benefits of tea are one compelling reason: Green and black teas have 10 times the antioxidants found in fruits and veggies, by one esti

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  2. The "Food-Family Connection": Letting Go at Last

    People can get caught up in emotional eating for many reasons, I'm sure, and at any age. For example, I knew someone who was slim until her 30s and then began compulsively overeating, and became fat, in response to extreme life changes. Everyone's emotional eating origins are uniquely personal; what

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  3. To Start Losing, Start Loving

    In therapy I learned that for much of my life, I inwardly feared and distrusted others. And I made my fear and mistrust of others bearable in two major ways: I surrounded myself with a protective "wall" of fat that physically kept me at a distance from people. And sometimes I simply kept my distance

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  4. Why the Super Bowl Matters

    Sure, there are those really great $2 1/2 million commercials. That really bad half-time show. The fill-in-your-own-adjective commentary. But the main reason why most of the 90 million faithful will watch sport's biggest event on Sunday is to root. They are fans. And that means come Monday morning,

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  5. The Pet Prescription: Is It for You?

    For many pet owners, having a dog or cat fills their lives with companionship and affection. But having a pet may do much more. Evidence is mounting in support of a "pet prescription" for many things that ail you.   Research has shown that when dog or cat owners were asked to perform a stressful ari

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  6. Help for Battered Men

    More than 830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence every year, which means every 37.8 seconds, somewhere in America a man is battered, according to the National Violence Against Women Survey. While more than 1.5 million women are also victims, everyone -- no matter their sex --deserves help. "Do

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  7. Alternative Medicine for Rover

    Cleo was only 4 years old when an accident damaged her spine. Veterinarians predicted that infections would soon torture the little dachshund, filling her lungs. "It was awful," remembers Joan Caruso, the Connecticut business consultant who owned Cleo. "One veterinarian after another said there was

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  8. Beating Holiday Stress

    The holidays really are the best of times and the worst of times. Our tidings of comfort and joy can so easily be devoured by the insatiable stress to do it all, be it all, and buy it all. And that stress is nothing to ho, ho, ho about, either. It increases your risk of illness and even death. One s

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  9. 'Tis the Season to Be ... Greedy?

    Seeing red from all that green you think is needed to feed Christmas greed? Maybe you could learn something from the Johnson kids. While their neighbors spent the morning of "Black Friday" battling the chaos and each other for those early-bird specials at the local mall, just like millions of other

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  10. Designer Funerals: The Final Getaway

    It's grisly, it's ghoulish, this thought of impending death. The coffin, the cemetery, the very word putrification -- a perfectly natural process -- makes us shudder. And funerals. Must they be somber notes at the end of a life well lived? Heavens no, say baby boomers. Today, people are adopting the

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