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Get More Done Every Day!

Soothe your aching back (or shoulders or neck).

Nearly one in three Americans suffers from body pain that affects their productivity, according to a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Feeling achy? Instead of popping painkillers, try the "Office Chair Twist," suggests Twee Merrigan, a yoga instructor in New York City.

Sit at your desk with your knees and hips pointing straight ahead. Inhale and really sit up tall.

Exhale and twist to the right. Swing your right elbow behind the chair and cross your left hand onto the outside of the right thigh. Breathe in and out five times.
Inhale and face forward.

Repeat on your left side. Before you get back to the task at hand, pause and notice how much better you're feeling.

Take a break.

You've probably heard this advice a million times — but that's because it really works! Don't think you have time to take five? You do. "Breaks will actually stretch your time because you'll return to your task feeling energized and renewed. It's magical," says Morgenstern. So stroll to the water fountain and refill your cup. Or chat briefly with a colleague about her son's Little League game. Or flip through a favorite magazine: REDBOOK! Mom and part time marketing copywriter Emily Auchard of San Rafael, CA, does the crossword every day. "It's almost like a meditation, because I have to concentrate on the words — instead of on all the demands around me," explains the 45yearold.

"And it uses a part of my mind that doesn't come into play when I'm changing my daughter's poopy diaper!" (Note: Sorry, but browsing the Internet or cleaning out your inbox don't count as rejuvenating activities.)

End your day at 5.

Or, okay, at 6 or 6:30 — but definitely not at 9 p.m.! The more you burn the midnight oil, the less fuel you'll have for tomorrow. Wrapping up your day at a reasonable hour is the best way to guarantee that you begin the next morning recharged. Just take a few minutes to jot down your to do list before you close up shop, so that tomorrow can be just as productive as today.


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