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    6 Inspiring Female Bloggers

    "We've taken back ownership of the term soccer mom."

    Nicole Teed, 32

    I was standing in my messy kitchen, listening to NPR and feeding mashed bananas to my toddler, when the political commentary hit a nerve. I grumbled for a minute about the lack of insight demonstrated by our political leaders, until I realized that my only audience was sitting there drooling, waiting patiently for her sippy cup.

    Surely I'm not the only one who misses grown-up discussions, I thought. With the birth of my daughter, I'd traded my full-time job in health care for a part-time position in the nonprofit sector — a move that granted me more time for parenting but less time for conversations with people who could form complete sentences. Although my local mom friends were an intelligent bunch, our conversations tended to revolve around (and be constantly interrupted by) our children.

    At that point, I'd been narrating my family's story online for almost two years, connecting with others — many of them mothers — by blogging. Maybe these funny and thoughtful women would be interested in joining me for some political banter? When I emailed around to find out, the answer from them was a resounding "Yes!" Together we created a collaborative blog called The Soccer Mom Vote.

    The blog has become a space where anyone can speak her mind alongside our core group of smart and sassy contributors. We've posted articles and opinion pieces about everything from school vouchers to international relations. Certain topics, such as the role of religion in politics, have generated especially lively exchanges. But we agree to keep the conversation respectful, we agree to use our inside voices and avoid name-calling, and sometimes we agree to disagree.

    Somewhere along the line, the soccer-mom stereotype granted all mothers of young children ponytails and minivans but stripped us of our expertise and critical-thinking skills. With the community built through this site, we've taken back ownership of the term soccer mom and demonstrated how savvy mothers really think about current events. (Hint: We're truly not that concerned about a candidate's charm.) With the clickity-clack of the keys, we engage in lively and even angry debate and prove — to others and ourselves — that we didn't check our opinions and ideas at the entrance to labor and delivery.

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