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    6 Inspiring Female Bloggers

    "We're a community that touches real lives every day."

    Stefania Pomponi Butler, 38

    Back in 2003, when I started my personal blog, CityMama (, my aim was to chronicle what life was like for a 30-something mom living in an urban environment with a baby. As CityMama grew, I began to get comments and emails from women who didn't share my urbanite parenting experience — they were relating more to my being a Korean-Italian-American mother. When I wrote about the afternoons I'd catch the bus to take my toddler out to our weekly Korean lunch date, the comments flooded in with readers' writing me that their kids loved Korean food too. It got me thinking that the real story missing from the blogs was the Korean-American parenting experience.

    Inspired by the launch of, a collaborative blog for Asian dads, I emailed all the blog friends I knew who were connected to Korean culture in some way. In April 2006, Kimchi Mamas was born. Kimchi (or kimchee) is a spicy Korean condiment that's part of every meal. Kimchi Mamas who contribute to this collective blog are half Korean like me or are Korean-American or Korean adoptees to Caucasian parents or are Caucasians married to Korean men. Anyone can blog on the site; the only requirement for writers is that Korean identity or culture must deeply touch their lives in some way — and, of course, that they be mothers.

    Kimchi Mamas is a safe place for us to discuss the unique issues that affect us as mothers — as well as share the joys and frustrations of parenting. Whether it's planning dols (first birthday parties), trying to build relationships with in-laws who may not speak English well, or confronting racism, the concerns we share as Kimchi Mamas allow connections to grow beyond the screen. We donate ad revenue to charities like the Asian Pacific Women's Center, and we've rallied around Kimchi Mamas who were dealing with tough circumstances like a contentious divorce or a death in the family. In the end, Kimchi Mamas is more than just a place where writers contribute posts; it's a community that reaches through the blogosphere and touches real lives every day.

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