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Jennifer Aniston's Happiness Plan

5. Do what you don't know how to do. continued...

"[One thing] I really love about Jennifer is she wants to do a broad range of things," says Ken Kwapis, director of He's Just Not That Into You. "What's great about the choices she makes is that she seems really motivated to tell stories that resonate with her personally, and that's why they resonate so clearly with audience members. Because when I look out into the audience and see the rapt faces of people when they're watching a scene with Jennifer, especially an emotional scene — wow — that can't be beat."

What those audience members are connecting with, no doubt, is the wise way Aniston tackles life's ups and downs. "I've learned that you can get through things that hurt," she's said. "My pain was real...but people are unbelievable. We have such resilience." Certainly, the way she's rolled up her sleeves and developed her own happiness recipe is proof of this resilience. With a spirit like that, it looks like her lucky-charm necklace can stay tucked away for keeps.


Originally published on August 1, 2008


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