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    Jimmy Fallon Has a New Show and a New Health Regimen

    The new Late Night host talks about being funny, being fit, and dealing with stage fright.

    Fallon's LASIK surgery continued...

    "Nooo, I can't do glasses," he says. "It started back on Saturday Night Live." Fallon was a cast member on SNL from 1999 to 2004 and was widely known for sharing the "Weekend Update" desk with his four-eyed friend Tina Fey. "I tried to wear glasses, but Tina is so well-known for wearing hers, and it was just too goofy, the two of us with our glasses, reading the news, so I went without."

    And the contact lenses? "I'm way too neurotic. The thought of putting something onto my eyeball every day … ugh, I can just see myself crashing through something, doing a funny bit for a scene, and the lens breaking into a million trillion pieces into my retina," he says. "No, no, noooo" -- he's mock hyperventilating now -- "can't do contact lenses."

    And yet the comedian was game for getting LASIK, a surgery where fully alert patients allow an opthalmologist to numb the eyeball and shoot a laser beam into the cornea to reshape it for better vision.

    He even asked his production team to videotape the entire procedure to post on his Late Night blog. There, online, in all its eye-opening detail, America's favorite new host goes from being a nearsighted joker to a guy with near-perfect vision. As Fallon himself might say: "Cool."

    Terrified of contact lenses but fearless when placed in the good hands of his eye surgeon, he adds: "I trust science! I trust technology!" He cracks himself up, then grows reflective. "No, but seriously, [afterward] my vision was a little blurry. They prepared me for it, so I was expecting that, but it's still nerve-wracking. … It took two and a half weeks, and then -- wow! I could see."

    Jimmy Fallon's workout plan

    Named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful" early this year, Fallon is still not one to sweat a buff physique. If anything, he's never met a piece of workout equipment he couldn't quip about. "I own a treadmill," he cheerfully tells WebMD the Magazine.

    "I've gone so far as to plug it in. I've never actually been on the treadmill. I did try Wii Fit, though," he adds, referring to the popular Nintendo video game where players practice yoga, strength training, and even skiing -- virtually. "Is that exercise?"

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