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Jimmy Fallon Has a New Show and a New Health Regimen

The new Late Night host talks about being funny, being fit, and dealing with stage fright.

Jimmy Fallon on work-life balance

When that lifestyle includes the insane pace of doing live TV in the most driven, frenetic place on the planet -- Manhattan -- how does Fallon unwind? "The city has never burned me out," says the Brooklyn native, who also spent time with his family in upstate New York as a child. "It charges me up. I love the energy, the people, the cars, the architecture, which is so old-fashioned in the greatest way. And I love how you can get anything you want -- Eye of newt? No problem! --  within five minutes of wanting it."

But Fallon is not like some New Yorkers who think the world dead-ends at the last subway stop. "I need a balance of both -- of the city and the beach, or maybe upstate New York." Fallon also cites hanging out in Central Park, playing his beloved video games, and reading books on his Kindle as big de-stressors. Of course, since working up a sweat can raise endorphin levels and combat stress, there's always that untouched treadmill just waiting for its famous owner to hit the "on" switch and go for a trot.

Whether he's working out or working the crowds, staying positive is Fallon's mantra. "I want to create a safe place for my guests so they can feel relaxed and be loose with me," he says. "And I never forget that folks are tuning in at 12:30 a.m. and are falling asleep with me," he adds. "So I'll do all the heavy lifting. I don't want you to have to think; I want you to laugh. I want to be the candy on your pillow."

Reviewed on July 06, 2009

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