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    Kristen Bell Talks About Acting, Health Advice, and the Children of Uganda

    The Gossip Girl narrator and star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall can't forget the little ones orphaned in this war-torn African country.


    Touch, because there’s nothing like a really good hug.

    What’s your best health habit? Your worst?

    My best is that I’m very active. I love being outside, and going hiking with my dogs. And not only does it make my body feel good, but it makes my mind feel good. Unfortunately that also allows me to indulge when I want to eat half of a cake, and I don’t have a lot of willpower in that department.

    What is your personal health philosophy?

    A lot of the stuff that I do is ingrained in me because of my mom. So just being aware of new medical studies, and not sinking into old habits. So much new medical information comes out each month. And when my mom has to renew her nursing license, she always shares new information with me. So I think keeping up to date is really important.

    I also think that as much as I trust hospitals, I know how busy they can get. So I truly believe and would advise people to talk to the hospital advocate if they’re not feeling like they’re getting the treatment they deserve -- or if they want to feel more informed about having a surgery.

    What disease or condition would you most like to see eradicated in your lifetime, and why?

    I don’t know how I would narrow it down. I would have to say all of them, because I think we have the scientific capabilities.

    If you were recovering in a hospital and you could have anyone, from any era, recovering next to you, who would it be?

    Jesus, because I’ve got a couple of questions for him.

    What would you ask him?

    I think that’s between him and me.

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    Reviewed on July 06, 2009

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