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    Meet the Most Organized (and Happiest) Woman We Know

    Gretchen Rubin — best-selling author and GH's new happiness expert (her column starts next month) — shares the right mindset and moves to help you declutter.


    Good Housekeeping: It looks pretty tidy around here. Please tell us that you have clutter, too.

    Gretchen Rubin: Oh, we have a huge problem with books. I used to be very disciplined about only buying three books ahead of what I was reading, but my husband corrupted me, and now I'm dozens ahead of myself! And, like everybody, I have a problem with clothes. My husband is super-diligent about always hanging up his suits, but I didn't used to hang up my coat. I just came home and threw it on the floor. The reason was, I didn't like to open the closet and get out a hanger. We already had hooks — I just never used them. The solution was right there: Use the hook.

    GH: When there's so much stuff that needs attention — messy kitchen, messy desk, messy kids — what's the best way for an overwhelmed woman to start clearing clutter?

    GR: Start with the thing that's making you crazy. If you really feel like having dishes in the sink bothers you the most, then focus on your kitchen. Think where the biggest boost would come from. The number one resolution that people mention to me as something that's made them happier is — to my surprise — making the bed. Over and over, people who start doing it will say, "Wow!" It's a concrete thing you can do first thing in the morning. Then, when you come back to bed, it's so much more inviting. There's also something about your bed; it's sort of a symbol of yourself and of your marriage, if you're married. Making your bed doesn't seem to be an important thing in a happy life, and yet it can be that tiny foothold into a more orderly life that sometimes people need.

    GH: Once you start, you can't believe all those years you spent not tending to it — there's no going back!

    GR: Yeah. But it's very manageable. People think, Oh my gosh, cleaning out the garage, it's just beyond my powers, and maybe it is. So start really slow, start really small.

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