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    The Power of Female Intuition

    Just what is that 6th sense that sometimes guides you? And what's the best way to tune in?


    So how do you tune in? First, pay attention to your physical responses. "Maybe you're trying to decide if you should take a new job that pays twice the salary as your current one," says Orloff. "Your head says ‘Of course! That's a lot of money,' but you notice that you feel a little sick to your stomach or exhausted. That's an intuitive cue that you should step back and really examine the offer."

    You also need to make sure you aren't mistaking strong emotions for intuition. "Fear, desire, and panic can all get in the way of intuition," says Orloff. "It's important to really focus on that inner voice."

    Intution Q&A

    Q: "I live in an unsavory part of town and sometimes when I walk home from the subway, I get that prickle on the back of my neck like something bad is about to happen. Is that women's intuition or just paranoia?" -- Dalila Cullins, 32, actor, New York

    A: "Does it matter? I teach my patients to always listen to their gut -- that sixth sense that's telling you something might not be right -- particularly if you're sensing danger. If you listen to it and you're wrong, you've lost nothing. Perhaps you took a longer route home or you ducked into a store until the feeling passed. If you don't listen to it and you're right, things could turn out very badly. More often than not, your gut is right, so listen up! It's always better to be safe
    than sorry." -- Judith Orloff, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA

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    Reviewed on August 10, 2012

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