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    The Secret: Is It the Real Deal?

    A theory about the power of positive thinking draws adherents -- and controversy.

    The Law of Attraction Plus Action continued...

    "If you focus on the negative or the problems in your life, your life will be 'the problem.' But if you focus on solutions and what you want, your life will be 'the solution,'" says Applebaum, author of the forthcoming Bootcamp for Your Mind.

    But, she cautions, "you don't get what you want just by sitting in a room and thinking about what you want. The key to all of this is action: Your actions must be in alignment with your thinking," she says. "Without it, you are sitting on the couch, dreaming up your life, but nothing is getting created."

    The Secret Cure?

    Secret teacher John Assaraf, CEO of OneCoach, a San Diego-based consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and small-business owners increase their profits, says he harnessed the power of The Secret to cure his ulcerative colitis, a debilitating condition marked by inflammation of the colon and diarrhea.

    At age 21, Assaraf was taking 20 pills a day, receiving shots of steroids, and undergoing two enemas per day to treat the condition. Frustrated by this regimen, he began to visualize his body as healthy, recite daily affirmations, meditate, and eat a bland diet replete with vitamins and minerals. He even dumped his pills in the ocean.

    "In three weeks, my symptoms started to get significantly better, and by five weeks, I was back to normal," recalls Assaraf, who talks about this in the book and movie version of The Secret. "For me, this was a great awakening of the power of the mind and my first real lesson that everything is energy -- and that my thoughts control the energy and vibrations in my body and that all the cells in my body respond to these thoughts," says the author of The Street Kid's Guide to Having It All.

    According to Assaraf, our thoughts and environment can reverse and prevent disease despite what is in our genes.

    "We all have within us the ability to heal ourselves," he says. "We have an incredible pharmacy in our brain that can produce more potent chemicals than any drug known to man," he says. By contrast, "consistent negative thoughts send consistent negative chemicals into the bloodstream."

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