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The WebMD Healthy You Challenge: Two Mom Makeovers

WebMD's expert team helps two crazy-busy mothers transform their eating, workout, and life routines.

Four Kids and a Sweet Tooth continued...

The nutritionist's advice

Mix it up. You need more variety in your food life. Cereal and toast are your go-to breakfast foods, but how about choosing just one of those carbohydrates and adding more protein to start your day? Two eggs scrambled with the toast will give you more staying power than butter and jelly. If it's a cereal and soy milk morning, you're getting needed protein, but try adding fresh berries or a sliced half banana in the cereal.

Mind your metabolism. It does change with age, which is why you'll want to concentrate on eating more nutrient-rich foods that are not calorie-dense, such as nonfat milk, fruits, veggies, lean meats (skinless chicken, sliced deli turkey, or roast beef), nuts in moderation, and eggs.

Upgrade your meals. You said you eat whatever you make for the kids' lunch, but you need to flip that around: Think about what's healthy for you first and the whole family will follow. So if it's a mac and cheese meal, start with whole grain pasta and add some broccoli florets or frozen peas. Kids have their specific nutrition needs and so do adult women. You need larger servings of salad or fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner. It's not enough to eat what's left over.

Plan ahead. Organize your grocery-shopping list by healthy food categories: fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean meats, and whole grains and cereals. This way you'll fill the pantry and fridge with the good foods you need to cook and serve healthy meals.

The trainer's advice

Losing 20 pounds is very doable. Set yourself a goal of losing one pound per week. If you do two months of very intense good eating and good exercise, you'll lose 10 pounds and will have a lot more energy and the motivation to lose the second 10.

But you have to create a 30-minute window in your day to get to the gym. Do a short, quick workout to elevate your heart rate and focus on the bigger muscle groups. You can also build in cardio workouts throughout your day. Do lunges while vacuuming, for example. Every three feet, do five lunges. When washing dishes, do squats against the counter. When going up the stairs, go two steps up and one step back -- it takes longer and burns more calories.

The workout I've designed for you is much easier than taking care of four kids.

You can do it at home or at the gym, using 2- to 5-pound dumbbells; do it three times a week.

Heidi's workout plan:

•20 boxing punches on each side (that's 40 punches). Hold both fists loosely below your chin, with your knees flexed and weight on the balls of your feet. First punch forward and toward the left with your right fist, shifting your weight forward as you punch (lead with your right hip). Then do the same from the left side. Alternate punches rapidly.

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