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A Thing or Two With Michael Chiklis

Actor Michael Chiklis talks to WebMD about summer sequels, his brief bout with claustrophobia and longtime struggle with weight gain, and why balance is the key to good health.

What is the best health advice you have ever been given?

My dad told me to live in moderation. He also told me that the key to a good life is job satisfaction. It shouldn't matter whether you are successful or not by social standards. If you are doing what you love to do, you will lead a happier, healthier life.

Are you satisfied with your job choice?

Unbelievably so. It's fun. It's great.

Any unhealthy habits?

I did, for a time, smoke cigarettes.

What made you quit?

My then 6-year-old, who is now almost 14 and whom I never smoked around, had just seen an anti-smoking ad. She must have smelled smoke on me and knew. She said, "Daddy, you are smoking, it's killing you, and you have to stop."

And you did?

I used Nicorette gum, and, frankly, I still use it today. I really feel that it's a lot better than the carcinogens and tar and chemicals you inhale when you smoke. I know that I will never smoke again.

Has being a parent changed any of your other health habits?

Being a parent makes you much more health-conscious. You look at your children and want to set an example and do what's right, and you want to live and see your children get married and help raise their children.

Reviewed on June 04, 2007

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