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Life Out of Balance?

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It's a 24-7 world. Are you keeping pace or getting run over? Find out.

Finding Happiness

Check out these seven steps to becoming a happier person -- even if your life is full of challenges.

Optimism is a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. It is a key part of resilience, the inner strength that helps you get through tough times.

How life's hardships can make you more resilient -- within limits.

If you'd like to be happier -- who wouldn't? -- the first step may be to challenge your own views about happiness.

Gratitude is saying thanks for everything that is important to you and good in your life.

How happy are you? Test your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) with a happiness quiz from WebMD.

Work-Life Balance

Why smartphones hook us in, plus tips on reclaiming your time and concentration.

Straying from the task at hand? Here's how to regain your focus.

Finding professional happiness may have more to do with changing your attitude than changing your workplace.

Just like the coaches who push athletes to achieve greatness in sports, life and wellness coaches push their clients to achieve success in their career, relationships, or lifestyle.

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