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    1. Grief and Grieving - Cause

      Grief and grieving are the natural response to a major loss. However, any loss can cause feelings of grief, sometimes when you least expect it. Grief is typically triggered by a sudden loss caused by a traumatic or unanticipated event. Examples of such events include:Death of a loved one.Being diagnosed with a chronic or terminal disease.Disability from a severe accident or ...

    2. Grief: Coping With Grief

      Key pointsGrief is a normal and healthy reaction that occurs when you lose someone or something important. Although it is possible to delay or postpone grieving, it is not possible to avoid grieving altogether. Grief will subside over time. However, the grieving process does not happen in a step - by - step or orderly fashion. Give yourself all the time you need to identify, accept, and express yo

    3. Hospice Care - Caregiver Tip No. 3: Ask for Help

      Some caregivers live under the impression that they are the only available source of help. However, other sources of assistance are often available that can make your caregiving easier. If you want to be a good caregiver, know where to find help when you need it. The more support you have, the more successful you are likely to be. Services that may be useful to caregivers include the ...

    4. Hospice Care - Arranging for Hospice Care

      Once you have decided to pursue hospice care, you will need to:Complete documents to determine your eligibility and insurance coverage and to outline your treatment preferences. These documents include: Health care agent or medical power of attorney. For more information, see the topic Choosing a Health Care Agent.Living will. For more information, see the topic Writing an Advance ...

    5. Stress Management - Ways to Avoid Stress

      Because stress is unavoidable in life, it is important to find ways to decrease and prevent stressful incidents and decrease your negative reactions to stress. Following are activities to help you do this.Managing timeTime management skills can allow you to spend more time with your family and friends and possibly increase your performance and productivity. This will help reduce your stress.To ...

    6. Questions & Answers: Advance Directives and End of Life Decisions

      Your advance directives become legally valid as soon as you sign them in front of the required witnesses. However, each state establishes its own guidelines for when advance directives become operative. Learn more here.

    7. Questions and Answers: Artificial Nutrition and Hydration and End of Life Decision Making

      Observation of patients indicates that the death process is quite peaceful, and no evidence exists that they are less comfortable or aware of the removal of artificial nutrition and hydration. Learn more here.

    8. Health Care Agents - Appointing One and Being One

      Accepting an appointment as a health care agent requires thoughtful consideration about whether you can fulfill the role appropriately. WebMD explores this issue.

    9. Questions & Answers: Advance Directives and End of Life Decisions

      WebMD looks at the federal law concerning advance directives such as living wills, as well as some special cases such as pregnancy.

    10. Questions & Answers: Advance Directives and End of Life Decisions

      WebMD explains what advance directives and living wills are.

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