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  1. Darkness Spurs Dishonesty

    Feb. 19, 2010 -- Dim lighting encourages dishonest and unethical behavior, a new study finds. In three different experiments, researchers found that people behaved more selfishly and dishonestly when working in a dimly lit room or when wearing sunglasses. "Our results suggest that darkness, even exp

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  2. Facebook Reflects the Real You

    Feb. 18, 2010 -- The image you present to the world on Facebook is likely to reflect the real you. This finding is from a study by psychologists who sought to learn whether people fake it on Facebook and similar social networks, leaving “friends” with misleading impressions. It turns out that people

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  3. Dealing With the Jerk at Work

    Did you ever stop to wonder why the television sitcom The Office, which features a first-class office jerk -- the boss, no less -- is so popular? Simple. For starters, it's a theme to which so many of us can relate. If you've ever worked in an office, chances are you've encountered an office jerk --

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  4. Are You a Workaholic?

    On the seventh day, even God rested. But for workaholics, the day of rest never comes. There is always one more email to read, one more phone call to take, one more critically important trip to the office that can't wait until Monday. Weekends? Holidays? Family? As the uber-workaholic Ebenezer Scroo

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  5. No Joke: Laughter Is Universal

    Jan. 25, 2010 -- Laugh and the world laughs with you, literally. A new study suggests laughter is part of a universal language of basic emotions that all humans share. Researchers found that people from the UK and a remote African tribe were able to recognize basic emotions such as amusement, anger,

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  6. The Good Wife's Christine Baranski Talks About Good Living

    Christine Baranski, 57, has had a long and successful acting career on the stage (including The Real Thing, Nick and Nora, Sweeny Todd, and Mame) and on TV (Cybil, Frasier, and The Ghost Whisperer) as well as in a number of movies (including 9 ½ Weeks, Chicago, and Mamma Mia!). Recently she talked t

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  7. How Anger Hurts Your Heart

    If you knew that frequent anger might raise your risk of heart disease significantly, would you continue to blow off steam by yelling and smashing things during an argument or getting furious if the office email crashes during a rushed, stressful day? It's time for hot heads to take heed: Increasing

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  8. Southern States Are the Happiest

    Dec. 17, 2009 -- There may be something to be said for southern hospitality and sunshine. A new study shows that Southern states are the happiest while coastal rivals New York and California are at the bottom of the list. Researchers ranked the happiest states (plus the District of Columbia) on self

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  9. In One Year, Out the Other

    Here's a New Year's resolution anyone can keep: Resolve not to make any more New Year's resolutions. Now, wasn't that easy? If you're trying to pay down your credit cards, quit smoking, get a new job, find a mate, or shed some excess poundage, abandoning New Year's resolutions won't get you off the

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  10. Loneliness Can Be Contagious

    Dec. 1, 2009 -- Loneliness can spread like a contagious disease, new research indicates. Lonely people tend to share their loneliness with others, and their feelings of isolation and despair rub off on friends, neighbors, spouses, and even acquaintances, researchers report in the December issue of t

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