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  1. Music Can Boost Your Mood

    Oct. 17, 2008 -- Whether we are listening to classical music in the car, country on the computer, or pop piped into the grocery store, music is prevalent in our lives -- and that music seems to correlate with mostly positive emotions. In a new study, 32 college students (aged 20 to 31) in Sweden tra

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  2. How the Weather Affects Our Moods

    Oct. 16, 2008 -- Rainy days always get you down? Researchers in Germany sought to find out whether day-to-day weather affects people's moods. Researchers branched out beyond just sunny and cloudy and looked at temperature, wind, sunlight, rain and snow, air pressure, and how long the days were. The

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  3. Taking Charge of Your Hospital Stay

    If you're chronically or seriously ill, tending to self-care needs is never easy. Putting on that hospital gown and wristband and other seemingly easy tasks can become daunting. Getting a second opinion, figuring out what your insurance covers, and researching your treatment options can be a struggl

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  4. Your 9-Point Health Bailout Package

    Oct. 9, 2008 -- Plunging markets. Shaky mortgages. Pricey bailouts. The financial crisis is taking a toll on your wallet, but your health could also be on the line. Chronic stress can take a toll on your body; it's linked to everything from depression to heart disease. And the global economic tailsp

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  5. As Economy Worsens, so Does Stress

    Oct. 8, 2008 -- As the economy worsens, Americans' stress level is on the rise. Eighty percent of Americans said in a September survey that the economy is a significant source of stress, up from 66% in April. The top stressors for Americans: money (81%), the economy (80%), work (67%), and health pro

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  6. Body Language in the Vice Presidential Debate

    Oct. 3, 2008 -- When nominees Sarah Palin and Joe Biden faced off in the only vice presidential debate, voters had a crucial question on their minds: Can I picture this person "a heartbeat away?" The answer may depend as much on body language and speech patterns as on what the candidates said. WebMD

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  7. Home for the Holidays

    The holidays offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out and anxious -- the gifts you haven’t wrapped, the pile of cookie exchange invites, the office parties. But for many, the biggest source of holiday stress is family -- the family dinner, the obligations, and the burden of family tradition. And i

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  8. Strategies for a Hangover-Free Holiday Season

    'Tis the season to celebrate -- but beware! One too many glasses of eggnog at the office holiday party, or a bit more bubbly than you anticipated on New Year's Eve, and you're likely to find yourself feeling less than cheerful the day after. Want to prevent a hangover from dampening your holiday spi

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  9. Smells During Sleep May Shape Dreams

    Sept. 22, 2008 -- A bedroom that smells good may make for sweet dreams, while a stinky sleep setting may lead to bad dreams. That news comes from a German study in which a positive smell (roses), a negative smell (rotten eggs), or a neutral smell wafted through a sleep lab while 15 healthy young wom

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  10. Feeling Cold? Maybe You're Lonely

    Sept. 16, 2008 -- Feeling cold? Maybe you're lonely. Social isolation makes people feel physically cold, find University of Toronto psychologists Chen-Bo Zhong, PhD, and Geoffrey J. Leonardelli, PhD. Moreover, they find that making people feel left out makes them more likely to choose hot soup or co

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