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Habits for a Long Life, the Benefits of Slow Dancing -- and More Top Stories.
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Nov. 17, 2006 -- Why waltzing may be good for the heart, how heart attack care can be improved, and which habits may increase a man's life all made big headlines this week. From silicone breast implants being OK'd to a warning for the flu drug Tamiflu, get a snapshot of the week that was.

Ban on Silicone Breast Implants Lifted

In a dramatic comeback, silicone breast implants won FDA approval. The implants were banned in 1992 because of safety concerns. Find out what's behind the policy change. Read more.

Red Meat May Up Breast Cancer Risk

Eating more than one serving of red meat every day may double a woman's risk of developing some forms of breast cancer. Find out what the researchers are saying about the possible association. Read more.

Waltz Your Way To Better Heart Health

In a new study, people with heart failure who took up waltzing breathed better, exercised longer, and generally felt better. Dancing boosted heart health just as much as exercise -- and may even have an edge. Read more.

How a Man Can Survive to 85 -- or More

What's the secret to achieving a healthy old age? Researchers say there is no single thing. But if you're a middle-aged man, you can significantly improve your odds. How? Read more.

Experts Call for Speedier Care After Heart Attack

The American Heart Association announced a program to speed up care for people who have had heart attacks. What are the six steps for quicker treatment? Read more.

FDA Posts New Tamiflu Warning

The FDA warned that people who take the flu drug Tamiflu may be at risk of self-injury and delirium, based on reports mainly among children in Japan. Read more.

Angioplasty: Timing Is Key To Success

There may be a relatively narrow time frame for doctors to use angioplasty and stenting to open the blocked arteries of heart attack patients, a new study shows. Learn why the researchers were surprised. Read more.

Millions of Americans in Pain

According to a new report one in four American adults suffers pain for at least 24 hours each month. The most common pains? Low back pain, migraine or severe headache, and joint pain. Read more.

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