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    1. 10 Ways To Be Happier

      Want to boost your mood? Here are 10 pictures of pick-me-up ideas.

    2. 12 Hangover Myths Slideshow

      WebMD helps you separate myth from fact as we examine popular hangover avoidance techniques, morning-after remedies, and other widely held hangover beliefs.

    3. Slideshow: Bust Your Clutter Hotspots

      Is clutter driving you crazy? Try these simple tips to clear 8 common clutter hotspots in your home.

    4. Slideshow: 10 Fast Stress-Busting Pick-Me-Ups

      Feeling stressed? See easy ways you can ease anxiety in just a few minutes. Try exercising, petting your dog, singing, and more.

    5. Holiday Travel Slideshow: 10 Tips to Cut Stress

      WebMD offers holiday travel tips to keep you and your family safe and healthy this season. Learn ways to make getting there as stress-free as possible.

    6. Slideshow: 10 Health Myths Debunked

      Does deodorant cause breast cancer? Will touching a toilet seat make you sick? Here are 10 common health worries and the truth behind each one.

    7. Slideshow: 10 Ways to Stop Stress Now

      Stressed out? These fixes can help you begin to get back in control, starting now.

    8. Slideshow: 11 Ways to Stick With Healthy Eating Habits

      Want to make your healthy diet one you can actually live with? Start with these tips.

    9. Slideshow: Recognize This Celebrity Smile

      Can you recognize these celebrity smiles? WebMD shows you Hollywood smiles. See who's behind these famous grins and why they're so appealing.

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