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  1. Cell Phones Raise Work-Home Stress

    Dec. 14, 2005 -- Increasing use of cell phones and pagers may be blurring the boundaries between work and home and raising stress levels at both places. A new study shows use of cell phones can cause work worries to spill over into home time for both men and women. But only women seem to suffer from

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  2. Exercise, Stress Management Curb Heart Disease

    April 5, 2005 -- Exercise and stress management -- along with standard medical care -- could help the hearts of people with stable heart disease. Heart disease is a leading killer in the U.S. Many people learn that they have heart disease before it's too late. For them, exercise and stress managemen

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  3. Stress Affects Memory, Problem Solving

    Oct. 25, 2004 -- It may come as no surprise that stress can take its toll on thinking. Under the gun, we're all vulnerable to less-than-optimal reasoning. However, new research shows that stress actually helps when it comes to recalling simple memorized facts. The finding is based on memory and thin

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  4. Highly Educated Workers More Stressed

    April 18, 2003 -- The more you know, the more your mental health suffers? That's the surprising conclusion of a study that looked at the mental health of highly educated workers in Northern California. Researchers found that workers with advanced degrees were more stressed and had poorer mental heal

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  5. Internet Volunteering Relieves Stress

    March 26, 2003 -- Feeling stressed and anxious? Helping out can be a great way to deal with all the emotions that surround such troubling times, say experts. In fact, if you want to help out -- donate time, energy, or money -- all sorts of volunteer opportunities are just a click away. "It decreases

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  6. Open Office Noise Increases Stress

    Feb. 26, 2002 -- Overhearing your co-workers' conversations from across the cubicle may help you keep tabs on office gossip, but it also may increase your stress level. A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology even found low-level noise produced in open-style offices can increase stres

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  7. Serving Up Stress Relief: Comfort Food In High Demand

    Nov. 9, 2001 -- At the Silver Grill in midtown Atlanta, the blue-plate special is in demand. "Meat, three vegetables, that kind of thing," says owner Kevin Huggins. "Straight-ahead basic American fare -- Southern diner fare." These days, Huggins is hearing about comfort food. "Guy said to me the oth

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  8. Reactions to Disaster

    Oct. 30, 2001 -- Whether it's urban myth or not, people are talking about 'terror sex.' They claim that New Yorkers turned to that consummate life-affirming activity -- sex -- after the Sept. 11 attacks. Yet, others are saying quite the opposite. That people have been suffering from depression and l

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  9. Putting the Reins on Stress

    Oct. 10, 2001 -- Who's not feeling stressed these days? We have faced the worst of tragedies, war, and layoffs. Like many people, you may be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Those comforting but bad habits -- smoking, drinking, overeating -- are pretty tempting in times of high anxiety. "There's

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  10. Stressed Out? Don't Let It Become Burnout

    Aug. 15, 2001 -- (Quebec City) Do you pop aspirin almost every day to deal with your sore neck, back, or head? Do you work such long hours that you sometimes forget your children's names? Watch out! You might be headed for a burnout, and once you've let yourself go that far, you may never be the sam

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