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    Your Stress-Busting Checklist

    Trying to cut down on the stress in your life? These tips can help. See how many you can check off in the next 30 days on your way to a better life.

    • Set priorities. Focus on what’s important. Let the other stuff go.
    • Identify tasks that you can share or delegate, then ask for help.
    • Get organized. Disorder can make things confusing and hard to remember.
    • Set short-term goals you can reach. Reward yourself for meeting them!
    • Say no -- gracefully -- to taking on more obligations.
    • Focus on the positive. Choose to look for the good in others and yourself.
    • Laugh! Look for humor in your everyday life, or watch a funny video.
    • Listen to music. Choose tunes that relax or revive you.
    • Talk to a counselor or a friend.
    • Remember, things don't have to be perfect. Sometimes “good enough” is just fine.
    • Take a time-out for yoga, meditation, or some deep breaths.
    • Get regular exercise. Find something you like doing that you can work into your schedule.
    • Set aside some time, even 5 to 10 minutes, for yourself each day.

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