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  1. Relaxation Tips

    It may be helpful to take a break from your busy day to relax.

  2. Personal Relaxation and Fitness

    A fitness expert shares what she does to relax.

  3. 6 Steps to Success

    Here are some tips for a successful fitness journey.

  4. Meditation 101

    Here are some basic meditation tips.

  5. March Madness Survival Guide

    March Madness doesn’t need to drive you mad. Use these health tips to stay strong through the massive college-hoops tournament.

  6. Turn Off the Bad News

    A recent study found that too much bad news can really stress you out.

  7. Stress, High Fat, and Your Metabolism

    Are high-fat foods and emotional eating affecting your metabolism?

  8. Art Therapy for the Mentally Ill

    Former first lady Rosalynn Carter has made it one of her missions to raise awareness around the plight of the mentally ill.

  9. Terrorism-Related Stress? Know the Signs.

    Watching tragic events on TV can stress you out and contribute to health problems. Know the signs.

  10. Feeling Tense?

    Psychologist Patricia Farrell, PhD, discusses how making time for yourself to deal with tension in your life is very important.

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