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    Men’s Quick and Easy Nail and Hand Care

    You want your hands to look good in minutes. Add these grooming tricks to your daily routine.

    Nail Nippers for Men

    If you use scissors or those little travel clippers that you take on business trips to trim your nails, consider investing in a nail nipper. Sold at most drugstores and beauty supply shops, nail nippers are recommended by dermatologists because the blade is shaped to match the natural curve of your nails, thus reducing the danger of ingrown nails and hangnails. The curved handle makes nippers easy to use.

    Keep nails trimmed short and square-shaped with a slightly rounded edge. Remember to work a hand moisturizer into your nails after trimming them to keep them from becoming brittle.

    A Pedicure for Manly Toenails

    More and more men treat themselves to pedicures. But what sounds like a luxury can turn into trouble.

    “Pedicures typically involve pushing back the cuticle. That’s a bad idea since the skin around the nail and the cuticle is meant to form a protective seal,” Tracey Vlahovic, DPM, an associate professor of podiatric medicine at Temple University School of Podiatry, says. “If you decide on having your nails done professionally, tell the pedicurist not to mess with your cuticles. Instead, concentrate on having your nails trimmed.”

    Pumice Stones for Calluses

    If you do heavy lifting at work or at the gym, you may be prone to calluses. If calluses get bad enough, they can tear and bleed and make a mess of your hands. Wearing work or exercise gloves will help minimize friction and prevent trouble.

    If you’ve already got tough or callused patches on your hands, soak your hands for 10 minutes to soften the callused skin. Then use a pumice stone to gently rub off the hard dead skin on the surface of calluses. Use a moisturizing cream or lotion for extra softening.

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    Reviewed on November 09, 2012
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