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    Product Solutions for Every Hair Type

    Hair Conditioners

    A good conditioner can prevent your hair from breaking. Anyone can benefit, but conditioning is especially important for African-Americans, whose hair tends to break at the root, Goldberg says.

    There are two basic types of conditioners from which to choose:

    • Rinse-out conditioners coat the hair to keep it from becoming tangled and breaking.
    • Leave-in conditioners or deep conditioners work by smoothing out the cuticle or topmost layer of hair, which can become damaged from blow drying, incorrect brushing, or processing.

    Draelos recommends choosing a protein conditioner that can strengthen hair up to 10% by temporarily filling in the hair’s cuticle.

    Look for everyday conditioners containing ceramides and wheat or rice proteins to strengthen hair and shea butter or dimethicone to moisturize hair, Draelos says.

    If you color your hair, Draelos suggests using a deep conditioner once a week. Some can be left in all night.

    Hair Styling Products

    Mousses, gels, and hair pomades or waxes can add volume and shine to your hair as well as keep it in place.

    Remember that too much product can achieve undesirable results (helmet hair, anyone?) Alexandre Chouery, creative director at the Fekkai Greenwich Salon in Connecticut, says, "A little product goes a long way."

    Chouery offers some additional product tips:

    • Mousse is best for fine or thin hair. Apply it to damp hair at the roots only.
    • A gel is best for medium to thick hair. Apply a gel from the back to the front and comb it through.
    • Apply pomade to the ends of hair -- never to the roots -- because it will weigh hair down.

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    Reviewed on November 15, 2012
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