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    Experts say nothing gives away your age like your hands. Discover why -- and what you can do about it!

    A Handy Way to Look Years Younger

    A Professional Guide to Hand Rejuvenation

    To help you learn more about your antiaging hand care options, both Katz and Narins helped us put together this guide to the professional treatments that can help.

    1. Plumping Treatments. The goal here is to replace the lost fat under the top layer of skin on the backs of the hands with a "filler." This works to plump the skin, taking away what Narins calls that "bony skeleton look," and fills out wrinkles. "It's also a great way to hide those bulging veins and tendons, which also age the hands," says Narins.

    The two substances of choice, say doctors, are either analogous fat -- taken from your own fat cells -- or a man-made filler known as Restylane.

    How It's Done: If your own fat is used as filler, doctors use a thin needle to extract a tiny amount from your buttocks or thighs (and no, you won't end up thinner there!). That fat is then injected through a tiny hole made on the top of the wrist.

    When Restylane is used, Narins says, the filler is injected much the same way. "We use only a local anesthesia and there is basically no down time," she says.

    What You Can Expect: Immediately fuller, less wrinkled hands. Results can last anywhere from six to nine months for the Restylane filler; three years or more for the fat filler.

    Cost: One fat injection treatment for both hands can cost between $2,500 and $3,000. One Restylane injection starts at $500 per hand -- and could be higher depending on how much plumping is needed.

    2. Laser Treatments. Depending on the type of laser device used, several different types of treatments can be administered, each addressing a different problem. For brown spots and highly pigmented areas, Katz recommends an Alexandrite laser beam, while Narins suggests the YAG laser.

    To tighten loose skin, Katz recommends a combination treatment with the TITAN and Cool Touch lasers. "This produces new collagen, thickens the dermis, and tightens the skin," he says. Narins likes the effects of the intense pulsed light (IPL) device, a nonlaser light therapy that works in a similar fashion.

    What You Can Expect: Following brown spot therapy you will develop small, light scabs which disappear within a week and leave no scars. For the skin-thickening treatments results will appear gradually over weeks and months, but there's no scabbing and no down time.

    Cost: Brown spot laser treatments: $400-600, one session. IPL, or TITAN and Cool Touch plumping - four to six treatments ranging from $500 to $800 per treatment.

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