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What is the proper way to apply sunscreen to the face?

Answer by:
Susan Evans, MD

Dermatologist, WebMD Medical Expert
Skin Deformities and Research Foundation

Applying sunscreen is a very important part of your daily skin care regimen, especially if you are exposed to prolonged sunlight. Choosing your SPF level should be based on how long you plan to be outdoors. You may find that you normally turn red after being exposed to the sun for 20 minutes; you will then multiply that number with the SPF factor to understand how long you will potentially be protected from the sun. For example, 20 (minutes redness appears) X 15 (sunscreen with SPF 15) = protection from the sun for 300 minutes. You will need to reapply the sunscreen after 300 minutes expire. You should apply your sunscreen before your moisturizer. If you find your skin is dry, you should apply moisturizer in the summer months. There are also moisturizers containing sunscreen.