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    Can I get my hair dyed while pregnant?

    Obstetrics & Gynecology, WebMD Medical Expert
    Mercy Medical Center

    This is a very interesting question with many different opinions. Some say you should not have your hair dyed. Some say you can have highlights placed. Part of the issue is when you have your hair dyed, the chemicals will be more likely to be against your scalp and possibly be absorbed while those who have highlights will not have the chemicals against the scalp and not be absorbed.

    We typically don't recommend having your hair dyed in the first trimester of pregnancy since this time is the most risky to the fetus. This time is called organogenesis where the organs are forming.

    When women ask me about dying their hair, I usually ask is it imperative. Most say it is not and so I say hold off.

    My answers are not necessarily based on solid scientific data. It is more based on common sense which says if you don't need to put chemicals on your body during pregnancy you probably should not.

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