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    I'm starting to turn gray, but I'm not ready to start coloring my hair. Are there natural options I can use?

    Answer by:
    Doris Day, MD

    New York University

    You can use rinses instead of hair dyes or permanent hair dyes, and that can be a great start. Once your hair crosses a line in terms of percentage of hair that's gray, those colors may not look so good. They may look brassy or too orange, and you may have to cross over to more permanent colors. Some people like using henna, and that's fine, as well.

    However, in permanent colors, a lot of the products you find on the drugstore shelf are the same ones that you would find about five or even 10 years ago. These hair dyes are typically considered safe and effective over time. So you have a broad range of products that you can use, from the semi-permanent hair color, which washes out in two or three cycles, to the ones that are more permanent. They are all considered safe.

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