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    How can I care for my oily hair?

    Pulmonology, WebMD Medical Expert
    Frankford Hospital

    Do you have oily hair? If you wash your hair in the morning, you may find yourself frustrated by the time evening rolls around, as your hair already appears to need another wash.

    Keep in mind that "oily hair" is really an "oily scalp." Wash your scalp and hair as needed, lathering twice if you need to. You might try leaving the shampoo on your head for at least five minutes before rinsing. And condition your hair on the ends only.

    An oily-hair "quick-fix" is to dab a bit of talcum powder to the roots of your hair.

    Also, ask your hairstylist what he or she recommends for oily hair. Stay away from any product that adds "shine" to the hair. It will only add more oil to your already saturated locks.

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