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    Your Face in Your 30s

    While you'll still retain much of your youthful look, this is the decade when you may notice your skin looks 'tired' and less radiant.

    Goldberg says you'll also begin to really notice crow's feet around your eyes, plus previous sun damage may exacerbate the start of small brown spots. You may also begin to see dilated blood vessels, particularly around the sides of your nose.

    You should be prepared for the start of the "dreaded 11's" -- that pair of lines that pop up between the brows -- as well as shadows forming in the triangular area between your nose and the corners of your mouth.

    "Both the '11' lines and the nasolabial lines around the mouth will appear and deepen during this decade," says Marmur.

    Best Self-Care: Increase the use of retinol products to three to four times a week, Marmur says. And if you're still using oil-free moisturizers and foundations, Goldberg says toss them.

    "This is the decade you need to get serious about using moisturizers, so choose one that is light but does have some oil because your skin needs that," Goldberg says. And, he says, be sure to keep using sunscreen.

    Best Pro Care: If brown spots are your problem, Goldberg says don't waste your time with bleaching agents. Nip them in the bud with a chemical peel or a laser, which, he says, is also the best treatment for visible blood vessels on the face.

    Schlessinger says give your face an overall boost of youth with microdermabrasions or a chemical peel, which can also get rid of small imperfections and keep that "youthful glow" a few years longer.

    And while it may seem a bit early to consider "serious" anti-aging treatments, some experts say this is the decade to go after those lines and wrinkles with muscle relaxers like Botox and Dysport and line fillers like Restylane, Juvederm, and many more.

    "The argument for having these treatments this soon is that, first, you need very little to get a very good result, and, second, there is increasing evidence that, if you start at this age, you can actually stop things from getting worse. In the long run, you'll need much, much less to maintain a youthful appearance," Goldberg says. In fact, Goldberg and others report that some women are now beginning to have Botox or Dysport injections in their brow starting as early as their late 20s in an effort to stem the tide of aging.