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    Skin treatments that can help you look younger without surgery.

    Age-Fighting Skin Treatments for Men

    Skin Treatment 3: Laser Hair Removal continued...

    Downtime: None.

    Cost: $ 400 to $500 per treatment.

    Lasting Effect: In some people, it can be permanent. In others, hair may grow back, but it is usually lighter and easier to remove. It's important to note, however, that the hair does not come out during the treatment. Instead, it falls out gradually in the days and weeks that follow.

    Doctor's Comment: "Most men request hair removal on their backs and chest, and it is usually done for more social reasons than professional career reasons," says Goldberg.

    Skin Treatment 4: Chemical Peel

    What It Is: A topical treatment that uses various types of chemicals to "peel" away damaged layers of skin, and along with it, surface lines and wrinkles.

    What It Does: Depending on the type of peel used, it can do anything from simply refreshing the skin (known as the "lunchtime peel," to, in the case of deeper peels, stimulate collagen production to firm skin, reduce wrinkling, improve skin texture, correct pigment problems, and reduce sun damage. All lead to a younger-looking complexion.

    Skin Treatment Time: The "lunchtime peel" takes about 30 minutes; a medium peel 30 to 60 minutes, and a deep peel about two hours.

    Down Time: Light peel -- no recovery or downtime; Medium peel -- four to seven day recovery; Deep peel -- two weeks healing time.

    Cost: From several hundred dollars to more than a $1,000, depending on the procedure.

    Lasting Effect: A light peel usually needs to be repeated for results to last several months; the results of a medium peel last about one year; a deep peel is permanent, though new wrinkles can form over time.

    Doctor's Comment: "Most men tend to want the light chemical peel -- it does a very good job of rejuvenating the skin, softening the lines and making you look younger and more rested without any downtime to speak of. It's one of the most popular treatments among the men I treat," says Goldberg.

    Skin Treatment 5: Laser/ Light Skin Rejuvenation

    What It Is: A method of facial rejuvenation that uses either nonablative (noncutting) laser beams or other light-based devices to deliver short bursts of energy (called intense pulsed light) to the skin.

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