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    Breast Augmentation: 40 Questions to Ask Your Doctor


    Questions to Ask About Breast Implant Surgery continued...

    Breast Implants:

    11. Are silicone breast implants or saline implants better for me -- and why?

    12. What breast size do you suggest for my body frame?

    13. Will I lose any sensation in my nipples or breasts?

    14. Will I be able to breastfeed after having implants?

    15. Will the implants make mammograms less accurate in detecting breast cancer?

    16. Do you have a video I can watch about breast implant surgery?

    17. What is the warranty for this breast implant, and what fees do I have to pay if it ruptures?

    Breast Implant Complications and Risk:

    18. What are the possible risks of breast implant surgery?

    19. Is it possible to prevent breast implants from rupturing, rippling, or wrinkling?

    20. Are there possible breast implant complications that I should be aware of?

    21. If I have any breast implant complications, what is your policy? Do you cover expenses? Do you recommend a cosmetic surgery complication insurance policy?

    Breast Implant Surgery Preparation:

    22. What diet and lifestyle changes will I need to make before breast implant surgery?

    23. What do you recommend to treat swelling, bruising, and pain?

    24. Will my regular pills -- birth control pills, antidepressants, diet pills -- affect the anesthesia?

    25. How long should I take off from work?

    The Breast Implant Procedure:

    26. Where will my breast implant surgery be performed, and is the surgery center accredited?

    27. Is the center set up to handle a life-threatening emergency?

    28. What hospital would I be taken to if there were a problem?

    29. Will I have general anesthesia, and will a certified anesthesiologist administer it?

    Recovery From Breast Implant Surgery:

    30. If I have an emergency after going home, how can I reach you?

    31. How long will healing take?

    32. How soon can I get back to my regular exercise routine?

    Breast Implant Financial Issues:

    33. What is included in the surgical fee? What is not covered?

    34. If I am not satisfied and need a revision surgery, is that included in the initial fee?

    35. Is implant removal included in the initial fee?

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