Little Look-Younger Secrets

Fatigue And Age Show Up Around Your Eyes First. Here’s How To Fight Back.

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You Should Definitely...

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Wear sunscreen year-round. And be sure to apply it to crow's-feet (even in winter, the sun is the main cause of this type of damage). Try Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 for Face.

Avoid squinting. If that means wearing your glasses or contacts more often (or in sunnier weather, sunglasses and a hat), so be it.

Apply a moisturizing eye cream twice a day. Put it on with your ring finger (which is your weakest digit and therefore the least likely to cause damage or wrinkles).

Gently exfoliate. Using delicate, circular motions, slough off dead skin and improve circulation. Payoff: Eyes will look fresher and less puffy (and makeup will go on smoother). Try Olay Regenerist Eye Derma-Pod Anti-aging Triple Response System.

Don't Ever...

Remove makeup aggressively. Dab gently instead. The same goes when you put on makeup, cream, or lotion.

Wear creamy eyeshadow without a primer underneath or a layer of powder on top. When makeup sinks into creases, it showcases crepey skin. Try Mally Beauty Shadow Base.

Apply dark or heavy liner to your lower eyelids—unless you want to look five years older and extremely tired. Instead, define lower lashes with a quick coat of mascara—or use nothing at all.

Wear overly frosted, sparkling liner or eyeshadow, especially the loose-powder kind. The glimmering particles can migrate into fine lines and draw more attention to them.

Don't drink, smoke, or consume a lot of salt. All three can contribute to redness and puffiness.

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