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    Consult a Professional

    You should work with a stylist to find the length and shape of cut and hairstyle that best suit you, says George Gonzalez, owner of George -- The Salon in Chicago and a former freelance stylist for many of Oprah Winfrey’s celebrity guests. In other words, the night before you have dinner with your future in-laws or go in to meet with your boss about a promotion is not the time for do-it-yourself haircuts or hair color.

    "Ideally, you want to have a haircut that creates an oval face shape," Gonzalez explains. "If you have a round face, you’ll want a more square haircut, while if you have a long or rectangular face shape, you may want interior layers that break up and create a bit of width around the cheekbones, and bangs to shorten up the face shape."

    There’s no one 'perfect' style for any person or event, Gonzalez says. "For some hair, the texture means that it looks better when it’s longer, and with other people, they have such fine hair that when it’s too short, it has no shape."

    Keep It Simple

    Many people planning for a big day try for a big hair change, says Scott Buchanan, owner of the Scott J Salons and Spas in New York City and vice president of the Professional Beauty Association Salon and Spa Council. But sometimes, less is more.

    "Don’t be drastic with your hair," he says. "If you have a big date or a big job interview the next day, don’t go into the salon with long brown hair and come out a double-processed blonde with highlights and short hair. You want to boost your sense of self and sense of security with your appearance for a high-stakes situation, and if you don’t feel like yourself, the way you’re perceived will be off."

    But while you shouldn’t make huge changes in your hair, a new cut or style or freshened hair color can make all the difference in your confidence level. "When your hair looks good, you feel good. Anything fresh makes you feel fresh and confident," Buchanan says. "It very much affects your mood. When you feel more put together, you act more put together, and that definitely has an effect on how people perceive you."