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    Slideshow: Celebrity Makeup Secrets

    Glam Red Lips

    For a no-fail red-carpet look, try crimson lips like pop princess Rihanna's. There's a shade of red lipstick for everyone. Fair skin needs a bluish red, medium skin looks good in brick red, and dark skin can wear a brownish red. Start by filling in your lips with flesh-toned lip liner. Apply your lipstick with a brush for extra polish. You can keep it matte or swipe a sheer gloss on top.

    A Simple Smoky Eye

    Actress Jennifer Lawrence is a pro at sending smoke signals -- with her eyes! Here's an easy way to get a smoky eye. Pat a dark brown or gray eye shadow onto the lid with your finger (do not rub), and keep the color below the crease line. Most importantly, take a fluffy shadow brush and blend, blend, blend.

    Statement Liner

    Pump up your daytime eye with colored eyeliner like Oscar nominee Viola Davis. If you already have on liner, draw a thick amethyst or green line on top of it, close to the lash line. Think of this line like you think of the "bold" command when you type. You are "bolding" your natural lash line.

    Wow With Brows

    A well-drawn brow is like a great pair of Spanx -- everyone notices, but no one will realize it's there. Anne Hathaway has perfectly sketched brows that create a beautiful frame for her eyes. Using a pencil or powder, fill in any gaps in your brows. Use short strokes along the top of the brow and along the outer third to subtly exaggerate their natural shape. Set with clear mascara or brow gel.

    Nail It!

    Singer Katy Perry is the queen of nail art, with her detailed and glittery digits. If you're new to it, first try it on just one fingernail and wear a solid color on your other nails. You can create your own DIY masterpieces, too. Use paper hole reinforcements to paint on a "moon" manicure (the reverse of a French manicure), or a small kitchen sponge for a graduated "ombre" look.

    Get Cheeky

    Does your blush usually land somewhere in the middle of your face? For cheekbones as memorable as actress Kerry Washington's, smile first so you're able to see right where the apples of your cheeks are. Brush on your blush in a circular motion. Then, for a lit-from-within glow, lightly sweep a shimmery highlighter right above the apples of your cheeks.

    Go for the Bronze

    The best tans -- like actress Minka Kelly's -- don't need sunshine for a golden glow. Swirl a big, fluffy brush into powder bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your complexion. Apply it in a heart shape, starting at your temples, so that it frames your face. Remember to blend into your neckline for a natural, sun-kissed look.

    A Plumper Pout

    Give thin lips a boost like Helen Mirren by using a neutral lip liner to draw a line straight across the peak on your upper lip, ignoring the dip in the center. Then fill in with your lipstick. This simple trick creates the illusion of a fuller pout.

    Revive Retro

    Want a flirty, doe-eyed gaze? Channel your inner Zooey Deschanel with a strip of heavy false eyelashes on your top lids. Hint: The easiest way to apply falsies is to stick the strip to the center of the eye first, and then gently press it toward the inner and then the outer corners of your eye.

    Perfect Pores, and More

    Got great skin that doesn't need much coverage? Want to show off your freckles like Julianne Moore? A sheer liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer works instead of a full-coverage base. For a flawless, dewy look, dab and blend the foundation or moisturizer onto your skin with a moistened makeup sponge.

    Brighten Your Day

    Done right, bright lips can look inviting, not intimidating. To make standout color subtle and daytime-appropriate like actress Emma Stone, go for a lip stain topped with a little bit of clear, moisturizing balm instead of opaque lipstick. Balance your bright lips with neutral eyes -- one coat of eyeliner and mascara on the top lashes only.

    Cue the Cat Eye

    The trick to acing a subtle cat eye like actress Zoe Saldana's is to draw it in sections. Using a pencil liner, start at the center of your eyelid and draw toward the outer end. At the end, create a tail by flicking your line out and upward. Then go back to the middle and draw toward the inner corner. To get the line really crisp and bold, apply a liquid black liner right over the top of the pencil liner.

    Red Carpet Makeup Tips

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