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Choose Foods Wisely

"Your diet has a really powerful impact on your skin," Day says.

Choose foods like olive oil, fish like salmon, walnuts, and almonds. These  are high in omega-3 healthy fats, which can help minimize damage and keep your skin healthy as you age.

"Your skin is constantly rejuvenating," Day says. "The healthier your diet, the more nutrients your skin has for this process, and the better your skin looks and feels over time."

If You Smoke, Quit

You can look forward to better-looking skin if you kick the habit. People who smoke get wrinkles sooner than those who don't smoke.

The physical act of smoking also works against you. "Repetitive facial movements like sucking a cigarette, which makes your mouth pucker, cause wrinkles," Derick says.

If you've tried to quit before, keep trying. It often takes a couple attempts. It's worth it. If you need help, ask your doctor.