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Use a grape-sized amount for your face. For the rest of your body, you need enough sunscreen to fit in a shot glass.

If you use too much: "Most people don't use enough sunscreen," Schweiger says. "In this case, there is no such thing as using too much."

If you use too little: You could get sunburn. Over time, you might also get sun-damaged skin that looks old before its time. You could also get skin cancer.

Facial Scrub

A dab is enough to exfoliate. Taub recommends using a scrub with round beads, not jagged edges that could make small tears in your skin.

If you use too much: Your skin may become dry, irritated, red, and sore. Other products will sting when you put them on your face.

If you use too little: There's no downside."Scrubs are not mandatory, and they do not make or break a skin care routine," Barba says.