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10 Body-Smoothing Secrets from the Top Skin Experts


6. Razor's edge
Nothing beats a razor for quick hair removal. Invest in a sturdy one to ensure a shave that's close but not treacherous. Let your skin soak up some water for a few minutes (this is why shower time is ideal), so that hair is literally standing at attention, which makes it easier to lop off. Prepping skin with a protective shaving gel with hydrating vitamin E is best, although your hair conditioner will work in a pinch. New to the market: razors with built-in creams and gels. Love 'em.

7. Happy feet
Celebrity podiatrist Suzanne Levine, DPM, treats the nonglam side of glamorous people: yellowed toenails, fungi, calluses, and fissures. "I can tell someone's age the moment they take off their shoes," she says. Prevent dead-skin pileup by using a pumice stone in the shower — and don’t be tempted into using a razor. "That will only cause more skin to grow back," says Levine. Pamper your feet with occasional moisturizing facial masks, and take a pedicure holiday on occasion: Let nails go lacquerless once in a while, and brighten up the natural nail by swabbing on hydrogen peroxide.

8. Get jiggly with it
Ninety percent of women — including supermodels — have cellulite. Few, after all, are immune to its underlying causes, such as hormones, fat, and heredity. Remedies run from Mesotherapy — the red-hot treatment from France that injects plant extracts and other herbal substances into your fat pockets — to the recently FDA-approved Smartlipo, a fat-melting laser that's inserted just below the skin's surface ($4000 to $5000 per area). And while some women still lie down and let the skin-kneading rollers of Endermologie do their stuff, others find a firming moisturizer will plump up the area and make cellulite less noticeable (a sensible choice, since no cellulite "fix" has been proven to be permanent).

9. Smooth moves
A new FDA-OK'd light therapy called Titan is producing respectable results in firming saggy stomachs and breasts. There's no downtime, and the cost is a plus: $750 to $2500 a session for up to three visits, compared with up to $30,000 (the price of a tummy tuck and boob job). In search of a more polished skin surface, women are also opting for skin-doc developed moisturizers rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid, which combat signs of aging — sagging, lost luster, dryness — as effectively below the neck as they do above. Winter tip: Choose one of the new moisturizing shower gels that cleanse and leave behind a layer of hydration.

10. Glow time!
Linda Hay, the makeup wizard behind the bronzed goddesses in Victoria's Secret ads and fashion shows, knows from fabulous faux tans: "Whether you're using body makeup or a self-tanner, exfoliate first so you get an even finish," she says. Self-tanning mousses are simplest to slather on and quickest to dry; if you go the makeup route, choose a luminous lotion, which is easy to apply all over. Shimmer powders, swears Hay, slim the silhouette.

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